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Accent Excel Password Recovery

Excel password remover. Instantly recovering VBA passwords and sheet protection passwords
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26 November 2015

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Great Excel password remover. Instantly recovering VBA passwords and sheet protection passwords.
Instant search of simple passwords and everything necessary for finding hard-to-recover passwords - the passwords to open in Excel 97-2003 documents. Three types of attacks to choose from: brute-force attack, mask-based attack, dictionary-based attack.
It is everything necessary for a high-quality Excel password remover. But Accent EXCEL Password Recovery is a great remover and it has much more!
AccentEPR offers advanced features for finding hard-to-recover passwords during mask attacks and dictionary-based attacks. AccentEPR allows you to create complex masks specifying possible variants for every position in the password it generates. It reduces the number of possible variants and makes the search faster. AccentEPR allows you to manage dictionaries: specify the order to process dictionaries in, transform passwords from dictionaries. AccentEPR can change the case of characters, interchange adjacent characters, skip characters one after another, add numbers to passwords. It enhances the dictionary-based search and increases the chances to find a lost Excel password.
Task Creator Wizard makes it easy to create tasks. The step-by-step Wizard will help even a newbie create a task of any complexity. All you have to do is answer simple questions in the Wizard.
All this features makes recovering Excel passwords more comfortable and faster.
We guarantee that you have found the high-quality password remover for Excel 97-2003. Just recover the lost Excel password.

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